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CSS hacks – Targetting IE7

Posted on by Lafinboy

A simple hack to target IE7 only: [code]/* Target IE7 only */ html>body #getquotebox { *background: url(../images/loginbox-bg.jpg) 10px left no-repeat; } /* end */[/code] Can be used in cases where … Continue reading

IE7 Beta 3

Posted on by Lafinboy

The final beta release of Internet Exporer 7 is now available for download. There are also detailed instructions for uninstalling previous IE beta versions, and installing the latest beta version.

CSS Random Background Image Rotation

Posted on by Lafinboy

Edit: If you do not have access to the PHP source code on your site, try this random background image script generator Here's something I've been playing with lately to … Continue reading

IE7 – the Mix 06 beta release

Posted on by Lafinboy

Well it looks like the next release of IE7 beta will have addressed many of the bugs, issues and foibles of the IE7 public preview beta. The next release will … Continue reading

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