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Oh hai! is published by Lafinboy, aka Scott Swabey, a self confessed geek, standards compliant web developer, OOP afflicted code monkey, loving father and husband. These are (some of) his thoughts.

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The innocent age of comic books

Posted on by Lafinboy

How the times have changed. Things that seemed so innocent once now have rampant sexual overtones. Just take a look at a few examples from the seemingly harmless comic books … Continue reading

Will apathy let the filter in?

Posted on by Lafinboy

There has been much written about the pro's and con's of the proposed Australian Internet Filter. As a technologist and father I am strongly opposed to it's introduction. As a … Continue reading

SEO friendly web content management system launched

Posted on by Lafinboy

After months of fine tuning, and a rebranding, Amplify are pleased to announce the public launch of their search engine optimisation content management system, Boost Optimiser. Built from the ground … Continue reading

Using Gmail Notifier with HTTPS

Posted on by Lafinboy

Google recently changed an option in Gmail to allow the user to use HTTPS for the whole session, not just the login. As a security conscious user, I immediatelly took … Continue reading

JQuery port to PHP

Posted on by Lafinboy

Came across this little gem today, a partial port of JQuery to PHP5. Looks awesome, and I already have several uses for it. Now I'm off to play 🙂

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