Recurring events calendar

A recent project had a requirement to display a simple calendar of events. The events, growers markets and the like, were attended by the business owner so that people could buy coffee directly from him. The majority of the events were recurring events with weekly and monthly frequencies. Putting these types of recurring events into

CSS Random Background Image Rotation

Edit: If you do not have access to the PHP source code on your site, try this random background image script generator Here’s something I’ve been playing with lately to add a little bit of visual dynamic interest to sites that don’t have frequently changing content. The concept is not new – use image rotation

Serving the correct MIME type

Working with XHTML is all very commendable, but if the default (read wrong) MIME type is sent to the UA then you are still only sending HTML documents out to browserland. If this is the case you may as well work with the HTML doctype. So how do you send the correct MIME type for