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Free random background image script tool

Posted on by Lafinboy

A while ago I posted a solution for generating CSS random background images, which provided a PHP server side solution for adding random background images to stylesheets on the fly. … Continue reading

Convert pixels to ems – with ease

Posted on by Lafinboy

I came across a very neat, and immensely useful tool online today that converts fixed pixel sizes to their relative em size equivalents. The Em Calculator bases conversions on a … Continue reading

CSS srolling table with fixed header

Posted on by Lafinboy

Came across this example some time ago which details how to give a fixed header and/or footer to a scrollable table.

CSS hacks – Targetting IE7

Posted on by Lafinboy

A simple hack to target IE7 only: [code]/* Target IE7 only */ html>body #getquotebox { *background: url(../images/loginbox-bg.jpg) 10px left no-repeat; } /* end */[/code] Can be used in cases where … Continue reading

CSS Random Background Image Rotation

Posted on by Lafinboy

Edit: If you do not have access to the PHP source code on your site, try this random background image script generator Here's something I've been playing with lately to … Continue reading

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