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A simple hack to target IE7 only:

[code]/* Target IE7 only */
html>body #getquotebox {
*background: url(../images/loginbox-bg.jpg) 10px left no-repeat;
/* end */[/code]

Can be used in cases where conditional comments can't be, for whatever reason.

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5 Responses to CSS hacks – Targetting IE7

  1. Lafinboy says:

    Hmm – conditional comments only work in IE browsers – maybe your implementation is wrong.

  2. Conditional Comment says:


    the conditional comment feature does not work for IE 7

  3. GoofyDawg says:

    There's actually a hackless way to target any version of IE 7, called the "conditional comment" that is only available to IE, but is completely ignored by all other browsers. It's a hack in the sense that you're creating CSS specific to a browser type, but the advantage is that you'll always write valid CSS.

    Read about its use here:

    What's great about this technique is that you can write your CSS for Firefox and other compliant browsers, then drop in a conditional comment with a new style block that will override your previous definitions. This makes your base CSS file portable and hackless.


  4. Will says:

    I'm a perfectionist so it's a bit annoying that the code isn't valid now but it's still not as annoying as the align problem was.

    I found a guide to one solution but it doesn't seem to work in my case.

    Is there really no other way…?

  5. Will says:

    Thanks! This will be the only little tiny bit of code that isn't valid on my site because I've run into a problem in IE that can't be solved any other way. It's the one when you center the background in the body with background-position: center; and you center the header div with margin: 0 auto; and it ends up 1 pixel to the left in IE. Very annoying. They need to solve that!

    By the way does this work in previous IE browsers or is it just for IE7?

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