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Oh hai! is published by Lafinboy, aka Scott Swabey, a self confessed geek, standards compliant web developer, OOP afflicted code monkey, loving father and husband. These are (some of) his thoughts.

Slightly Older ThoughtsAndComments

Ad-minister plugin: Catchable fatal error


Following the upgrade of WordPress to version 3.0 I noticed that there were some errors with the Ad-minister plugin, specifically on the main administration page (tools.php?page=ad-minister). The page was now … Continue reading

Live site development with Firebug


Live editing of website code and styles is a breeze with the Firebug plugin for Firefox. Right click any element on the page that you wish to inspect/edit and select … Continue reading

The innocent age of comic books


How the times have changed. Things that seemed so innocent once now have rampant sexual overtones. Just take a look at a few examples from the seemingly harmless comic books … Continue reading

Firefox web developer plugins


Returning to work after the Christmas holidays I was confronted with a brand new, clean install version of Firefox 3.0. Very strange, because I already had said browser/version installed, along … Continue reading

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