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Oh hai! is published by Lafinboy, aka Scott Swabey, a self confessed geek, standards compliant web developer, OOP afflicted code monkey, loving father and husband. These are (some of) his thoughts.

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Apple iPhone, the Pope, what next!

Posted on by Lafinboy

Australia, and more specifically Sydney, is about to be hit by two of arguably the biggest crowd pullers in the world today. The launch of the Apple iPhone in Australia … Continue reading

The power of one – public pressure on politics

Posted on by Lafinboy

The power of the internet as a marketing medium has been embraced by the majority of political parties, and their members. In Australia, every major party has a web presence, … Continue reading

Terrorist threats, knee-jerks, and real jerks

Posted on by Lafinboy

The latest comments by the Australian Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews, with regard to the actions of Dr Mohamed Haneef, leave me with grave concerns for the future of personal freedom … Continue reading

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