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Following the upgrade of WordPress to version 3.0 I noticed that there were some errors with the Ad-minister plugin, specifically on the main administration page (tools.php?page=ad-minister).

The page was now displaying an error message:
[code lang="php"]
Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in ***/***/***/wp-includes/functions.php
on line 302[/code]

The error is due to a change in the way new posts are created in WP3. The fix (until such time as the plugin is updated by the authors) is to replace the following section of code in the administer_queue_scripts function in the ad-minister.php file:
[code lang="php"]
// Create a new one
$_POST['post_title'] = 'Ad-minister Data Holder ' . $nbr;
$_POST['post_type'] = 'administer';
$_POST['content'] = 'This post holds your Ad-minister data';
$id = wp_write_post();
update_option('administer_post_id', $id);
with the new code:
[code lang="php"]
// Create a new one
$adminster_post = array();
$adminster_post['post_title'] = 'Ad-minister Data Holder ' . $nbr;
$adminster_post['post_type'] = 'administer';
$adminster_post['content'] = 'This post holds your Ad-minister data';
$id = wp_insert_post( $adminster_post,true );
update_option('administer_post_id', $id);[/code]

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8 Responses to Ad-minister plugin: Catchable fatal error

  1. Paul says:

    Perfect thank you:)

  2. B Marie says:

    Okay, seriously you rock! *high five*

  3. Mongo says:

    thank you, the fix worked great! lifesaver!

  4. Krutik says:

    Thank you so much. thank you..

  5. Awesome help! Worked-Thanks!

  6. Awesome, thank you so much!

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