Firefox web developer plugins

Firefox web developer plugins

Returning to work after the Christmas holidays I was confronted with a brand new, clean install version of Firefox 3.0. Very strange, because I already had said browser/version installed, along with all bookmarks, cookies, plugins and history. But every cloud has a silver lining. A chance to rid myself of no longer needed cruft, and

Convert pixels to ems – with ease

I came across a very neat, and immensely useful tool online today that converts fixed pixel sizes to their relative em size equivalents. The Em Calculator bases conversions on a specified base pixel conversion ratio, and provides you with immediate calculations for nested child and sibling nodes of the DOM tree. Big thanks to Piotr

Adobe CS2 + Macromedia Studio 8 = Me Happy

A number of months ago I entered a competition on the Builder AU website to win an Adobe Web Bundle. After a protracted delay in taking delivery of the prize I am now the very excited owner of the absolute latest versions of Adobe CS2 Premium and Macromedia Studio 8. This is a big step