Firefox web developer plugins

Firefox web developer plugins

Returning to work after the Christmas holidays I was confronted with a brand new, clean install version of Firefox 3.0. Very strange, because I already had said browser/version installed, along with all bookmarks, cookies, plugins and history. But every cloud has a silver lining. A chance to rid myself of no longer needed cruft, and

FireBug for Firefox

Joe Hewitt has just released the latest version of FireBug, a holistic debugging tool for Firefox. FireBug reports on errors and warnings in CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and the DOM, and allows you to inspect and debug each in a handy console. Another very useful tool in the web developers box, and one that I’m already

Firefox and Java JRE update problem fixed

This article was originally published on 28/03/2005. Firefox browser could not display Java applets following a recent upgrade to the Firefox browser and the Java JRE. A simple solution found. A little background to this story. As a devout convert to the Firefox browser, I immediately upgraded to the latest release, Version 1.0.2, when it