Will apathy let the filter in?

Will apathy let the filter in?

There has been much written about the pro’s and con’s of the proposed Australian Internet Filter. As a technologist and father I am strongly opposed to it’s introduction. As a member of the Australian public I am appalled at the steps that the Government, and in particular, Senator Conroy, have taken to get it introduced.

I have written directly to the Senator, as well as my local MP, requesting answers to several key points that have not been addressed in any public announcements. I have discussed the implications of the introduction of the filter with relatives, friends, and colleagues, and asked them to do as I have, and voice their objections. I will be asking them again, because the more effort we put into stopping it’s introduction now, the less chance it has of being implemented.

Nathanael Boehm articulates exactly why we must make the effort now in his blog post “Why we must fight the filter NOW“. I advise that you read his post, and if you need more information about the implications of the introduction of the filter visit the No Clean Feed website.

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