Recurring events calendar

A recent project had a requirement to display a simple calendar of events. The events, growers markets and the like, were attended by the business owner so that people could buy coffee directly from him.

The majority of the events were recurring events with weekly and monthly frequencies. Putting these types of recurring events into calendar applications such as Outlook is easy, and some powerful combinations can be stored very easily. Trying to find an online version, a system that could plug in to an existing site, running PHP and MySQL, and generate hCalendar microformat events listings proved fruitless. So, armed with a whole flask of Huehuetenango, I set off to develop a simple system to suit my needs. The results can be seen live on the Mayan Coffee website.

The next step of the development is to allow for exceptions to recurring events, something that nobody seems to have managed elegantly, and then to package the whole thing up and release it for public consumption. But first I need to let this massive coffee buzz wear off!

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