IE7 – the Mix 06 beta release

Well it looks like the next release of IE7 beta will have addressed many of the bugs, issues and foibles of the IE7 public preview beta. The next release will be made available at the Mix 06 conference, and will be further released through MSDN membership following the conference. Andy Clarke has had a chance to play with a preview of the preview, and reports in his article The IE7 MIX 06 release, that almost all of the rendering bugs have been ironed out.

There are of course still a lot of issues with the level of standards compliance of the proposed production release of IE7. Just have a quick read of any of the IE7 blogs, especially the official MS blogs, and you’ll see there are a lot of sceptical, jaded, and downright angry people with a lot so say in the negative. But I’m going to hang myself a little further over the IE side of the fence and say kudos to the IE7 development team for being open with the level of compliance they are aiming to achieve. There’s no secret that they are not developing the leading browser, but they are certainly taking on board all bug reports and making a good attempt at fixing them before the final release.

Keep watching…

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