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Oh hai! is published by Lafinboy, aka Scott Swabey, a self confessed geek, standards compliant web developer, OOP afflicted code monkey, loving father and husband. These are (some of) his thoughts.

Wondering where the fancy site has gone? What happened to the layout, the images, the niceties? Fear not – this is a temporary change to support CSS Naked Day, a push to encourage web developers to open up their sites to the harsh glare of public scrutiny. Will your site stand up to being naked for a day? Go on, give it a go – in cyberspace nobody can see you blush!

Reading this after 6th April 2006? The nakedness has passed, and the site is fully clothed again.

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  1. Luckily enough, my site would have stood up to the test. If you decide to have a naked day again, drop me line and I'll join you!

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