Web Patterns

The use of web patterns and web semantics is an everyday occurance, but very little is documented and formallised about the structure and classification of the patterns being used. In a effort to change this situation, and bring web development in line with similar development professions (namely architecture and software development), John Allsopp has created and launched webpatterns.org.

John’s goal is to collaboratively identify major and minor patterns used in everyday web development. Once identified the process of classification and clarification of the patterns can begin, with the ultimate target of providing a set of standard patterns for every type of web development.

This massive undertaking requires the input and assistance of many web developers, to provide as broad a depth of coverage and discussion as possible. The first stage in the process, Pattern Quiz 1 – collecting pattern data for the site level, is underway now, and you can participate by proposing a site level pattern at the webpatterns.org website.

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  1. Thanks for the post, lafinboy, it is a huge undertaking – I am starting to realise that more and more – but I am also really encouraged by all the interest shown,


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