Top 5 tips for developing for SEO

A post I wrote through my work blog, that outlines the basic, foundation rules for web development that help in any search engine optimisation efforts. Making a website that ranks well with the search engines is a process that has to start from the foundations of the site. Stuffing a badly designed and built site

Web Directions South 07 – a thank you

It’s the day after the conclusion of the Web Directions South 2007 conference, and my brain is still pinging! Two days of total immersion in everything good about web development, presentation after presentation full of inspiration, meeting with peers in the real world – the original social network – and relaxing with a few beers,

Free random background image script tool

A while ago I posted a solution for generating CSS random background images, which provided a PHP server side solution for adding random background images to stylesheets on the fly. Since it’s initial posting the solution provided there has been tweaked and fine tuned based on use and reader feedback. A lot of the feedback