thought:after is the personal blog of Lafinboy. The blog serves as a place to comment on, discuss, and reveal his shortcomings and revelations in the sphere of web development. It also serves as a repository for samples, snippets and tests – good or bad.

Lafinboy Productions LogoLafinboy is the pseudonym of Scott Swabey, as well as the corporate name applied to all entities created by him. It is his intention to have the word Lafinboy accepted into everyday language, much the same as Google.

Scott Swabey is a time lapsed, self confessed web geek. It has taken several major life/career moves for him to realise and accept this fact. The first step to recovery from the ravages of this debilitating affliction was recognition and acceptance of the term geek.

Scott SwabeyIn the 10+ years since taking the first step he has continued following a modified Twelve-step program to recovery. Unfortunately Fortunately there must have been a problem with the program, as it only seems to have increased his geekiness.

After being bitten by the web bug, Scott spent several years working alone from his secret cave, honing his development skills on projects ranging from DHTML plugin scripts, to brochure sites, to custom built e-commerce platforms. Part way through this evolution process somebody slapped him with a virulent strain of standards compliance, which has been coursing through his veins and infecting everything he touches.

Scott was lured from his secret cave by Amplify to provide standards compliant development solutions and services in a structured environment. He also saw this move as an opportunity to diversify and infect a much wider audience with his standards affliction.

He one day hopes to be able to pass on his experience of leading a double life as a loving husband and father, and terminally afflicted geek, to others in a similar position.